6 Tips for Perfect Christmas Tree Care

We get a lot (A LOT!) of questions about Christmas tree care this time of year, you would think most tips would be a common knowledge to people outside of landscaping and would be something that has been passed down as it’s an annual thing.

But no, so we’ve listed everything you need to know to keep your tree alive and looking fresh and green until New Year.

  1. First off, when buying the tree, run your fingers up and down a few of the branches on different areas of the tree. None of the needles should fall off, it’s a sign of a fresh, healthy tree so it should last longer.
  2. The average tree will need 1-2 litres of water a day (2-3 pints), make sure the water level never goes empty, as the end of the trunk will fill with sap and harden, so it won’t be able to drink if the water level is empty for more than 3-4 hours, meaning it will die sooner.
  3. With this in mind, one should also give the trunk hat is called a fresh cut, saw an additional 1 inch (3cm) off the bottom of the trunk. As sap will have covered the drinking pores and capillaries at the bottom of the trunk since it was cut down, sawing off this inch will open them up the tree will be able to drink more, keeping it fresher for longer. You can see in the picture below what we mean.


  4. Do not put soil in the stand, this will also affect its ability to drink, the pores and capillaries need to be clear for the Christmas tree to drink. So clean, fresh water only in the base.
  5. Having said that, it’s been said adding sugar to the water can benefit the tree, we’re not too sure on this one and it might depend on the species, but enough people swear by it we thought we should put it hear anyway.
  6. It’s not very often you’re told to keep a plant or tree out of sunlight, but keep the tree out of direct sunlight! As well as away from fires and radiators, heat and sunlight will dry out the needles a lot faster than if it’s placed in a cool, shaded place.
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