Decking Installation

Looking for a better quality wood? Look no further because our Western Red Cedar Decking because it is a very high quality product. What makes it such high quality is the natural oils that are preserved inside the wood to prevent rotting and damage, this wood has a life span of up to 50 years plus and is used in parts of the world like Canada to build some homes. As you can see from the images we have installed a sheltered area with some red cedar decking on the floor and also we have used this wood throughout this project using it for the wooden worktops on the barbecue and also the shingles above.


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The job took 2 weeks which we put down to the professionalism and attention to detail which is evident in the final result … Mr & Mrs McGing, Liverpool
We are delighted with the drive and consider that our money was well spent. We are amazed with the outcome and are sure the drive will add value to our property and be an attractive feature when we eventually decide to sell … Rachael Sutton, Kirkby

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