Kerbs, Shapes, Steps & Manholes Liverpool

Are you looking for a way to add a touch of charm and sophistication to your next block paving or patio project?

Do you want to add a decorative edging to an otherwise ordinary walkway?

Do you want more than ordinary steps leading to the entrance to your home or business?

Are you ready for a creative way to camouflage those unsightly (but necessary) manhole covers?

Our Kerbs and Edgings Liverpool department here at Moss Landscapes can create a solution that is both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing.

We employ well-trained professionals who can create a veritable masterpiece out of the most simple of projects.

Whether you want shaped edgings to complement your landscape or elaborate steps to adorn your outdoor patio, we have the tools and know-how to make your dream a reality.

The Highest Quality Kerbs, Shapes, Steps & Manholes!

If you choose Kerbs and Edgings Liverpool at Moss Landscapes, you will:

  • Beautify the appearance of your outdoor patio or landscape creating an inviting atmosphere
  • Become the envy of your friends, family, neighbors, and business competitors
  • Work closely with knowledgeable and talented staff to create a customized experience
  • Gain the outstanding advantage of a Marshall’s 10-Year Guarantee
  • Save a great deal of time and money while still fulfilling every aspect of your vision

The Unique Moss Landscapes Experience!

Moss Landscapes has been completing a number of high quality paving projects since 1986.

We pride ourselves in our ability to make each project unique and provide a customised experience for our customers.

Our attention to detail in kerbs and edgings has done a great deal to enhance our numerous block paving and patio projects.

We have served a large number of homes and businesses across Liverpool, Merseyside and Cheshire.

Our customers are generally so ecstatic with the level of service that we provide that they return to us for all of their landscaping needs.

Our product selection is vast, meaning that you can peruse our inventory to choose the materials that are right for you.

Using your chosen materials, our highly skilled staff will construct a one-of-a-kind kerb, edging, manhole, or step to complement your home or business and stay within your specified budget.

We are proud to say that we enjoy adding a personal touch to our work to ensure that each and every project properly reflects the client’s individual personality.

Complement Your Landscape With Superior Kerbs & Edgings!

Moss Landscapes is often the first choice of Kerbs and Edgings Liverpool projects because of our outstanding service and dedication to quality.

We are confident that our work will improve the appearance and curb appeal of your property.

We provide unique, sophisticated designs that stand heads above our competitors.

Below are a number of examples of our outstanding work in this department.

As you can see, we can do it all.

If you wish to hide an unsightly manhole cover, our skilled team of professionals can design a cover that blends in perfectly with the rest of paved area.

If you need a decorative edging to accentuate your unique landscape design, we have the products and tools necessary to perfectly complement your outdoor area.

Many customers ask for shapes and specific designs, and we are always more than happy to accommodate these requests.

Many times when customers ask us to design and install a patio, they ask for decorative steps as well.

We can incorporate stone steps that are stunning in addition to being functional.

Sometimes, all a customer needs is a simple curb to set apart a sidewalk or walkway from the surrounding area.

We have a variety of products that can transform even this simple project into a unique experience.

Always Backed By The Marshall’s 10-Year Guarantee!

All of our products at Moss Landscapes are backed by the Marshall’s ten-year guarantee.

This means that you can have peace of mind knowing that you are not only receiving exceptional service, but the products installed at your home or business are guaranteed to be long-lasting and reliable.

Your Moss Landscapes Kerbs and Edgings Liverpool project will be completed quickly and efficiently with great attention to detail.

We ensure that every project is done to the client’s specifications and offer recommendations based on your precise vision.

We want you to be beyond delighted with your new kerb, edging, step or manhole project for years to come.

Don’t Waste Another Second!

So what are you waiting for?

Don’t delay a moment longer and call us at 0151 521 1565 to schedule a consultation for your free quote today.

If you prefer, you can complete our enquiry form and one of our member’s of our staff will contact you by phone or email at your earliest convenience.

Natural Stone Step Aintree Natural Stone Step Aintree
Circular Feature Steps Steps Liverpool
Recessed Manhole paving Liverpool. Recessed Manhole installed in Paving project in vauxhall area of Liverpool. This recessed Manhole was installed using silver/grey natural stone.
Natural Stone Cobble Edgings. Natural Stone Cobbles.
Blockpaving Recessed Manhole Liverpool Blockpaving Recessed Manhole in Aintree Liverpool.
Blockpaving recessed Manhole Liverpool. Blockpaving recessed Manhole Liverpool
Driveway Kerbs In Liverpool. Marshalls Driveway Kerbs used in melling area of Liverpool to compliment this perfect Blockpaving and Landscaping project.
Marshalls Tegula Block Paving Recessed Manhole. These pictures show a recessed Manhole installed using Marshalls Tegula Traditional block paving with a pennant grey border.
Double Tier Steps These pictures show two tier steps made with Autumn Natural Indian Stone. Take a close look at our attention to detail and precise cuts.
mr sumner and colin lowe 134
Drivesett Tegula Kerb Step The pictures below show a small step that was built in the Crosby area of Liverpool using Drivesett Tegula Kerbs.
mr sumner and colin lowe 157
Steps; Patio Project in Crosby The pictures below show steps that were built as part of a patio project in the Crosby area of Liverpool. They were created with Marshalls Tegula Drivesett Kerbs
mr sumner and colin lowe 146
Treble Steps; Patio Project in Higher Bebington, Wirral The pictures show the three steps we built to create a walkway up to the raised patio area in the Higher Bebington area of The Wirral.
stuart bebington pics 195
Cobbled Edge of Driveway in Knowsley The pictures below show the autumn coloured Natural Indian Stone cobbled edge of a driveway in the Knowsley area of Merseyside.
brian mc nulty job 684
Buff Coloured Granite Cobbled Edgings The pictures below show buff coloured granite cobble setts used for edgings. These cobbles were chosen as they match with the autumn coloured Natural Indian Stone paving.
tenerife 006
Tegula Traditional Kerbing for a Wheelchair Access Ramp The pictures below show a wheelchair access ramp that we built in the Croxteth Park area of Liverpool. We used Marshalls Tegula Traditional Kerbs to retain the edge of the ramp.
joe sullivan 142
Charcoal Keykerb Edging of a Driveway in West Derby These Charcoal coulored Keykirbs where Installed in the West Derbt area of Liverpool.These Kirbs create a boundary between the dividing properties but also contrast well with the coulors in the Driveway.
gale jones 1080
Tumbled Kerb Edging for a Driveway in Liverpool The pictures below show tumbled kerbs used for edging for a driveway in the West Derby area of Liverpool. Not only do they contrast with the paving
gale jones 1023
Charcoal/Rustic Gold Step; Driveway Project in West Derby## Liverpool The pictures below show a step that was built as part of a driveway project in the West Derby area of Liverpool. It was built using Marshalls Charcoal Keykerb
gale jones 1114
Recessed Manhole; The pictures show a recessed manhole we installed as part of a driveway project in the West Derby area of Liverpool. Driveline 50 Brindle coloured Block Paving
paul doyles an mr alberts 112
Step; Driveway Project in West Derby The pictures show a step we built as part of a driveway project in the West Derby area of Liverpool. Brett Penta Paving and Brindle Key Kerbing were used to make the step.
brian mc nulty job 564
Recessed Manhole; Driveway Project in Croxteth Park The pictures below show a recessed manhole we installed as part of a driveway project in the Croxteth Park area of Liverpool.
joe sullivan 136
Step; Patio Project in Kirkby The pictures show steps that we built as part of a patio project in the Kirkby area of Liverpool. Marshalls Key Kerbs and Tegula Traditional Block Paving
joe sullivan 046
Granite Sett Edging for a Flowerbed in Crosby The pictures below show grey granite setts that were put in to retain a flowerbed in a driveway in the Crosby area of Liverpool.
gale jones 859
Charcoal Keykerb Edging for Step in West Derby The pictures below show charcoal keykerbs used for the edging of the front door step of a house in the West Derby area of Liverpool.
gale jones 1114
Natural Indian Stone Step; Patio Project The pictures below show a step that was built as part of a patio project. It was built using Silver/Grey coloured Natural Indian Stone with Grey Granite Cobbles
john mcmahon job finished 034
Grey Granite Cobbled Edge Flowerbed in Vauxhall The pictures show a flowerbed we built in the Vauxhall area of Liverpool using grey granite cobbles which contrast with the silver/grey Natural Indian Stone paving.
john mcmahon job finished 053
Square Step; Patio Project in West Derby The pictures show a square step we built as part of a patio project in the West Derby area of Liverpool. The square step was built using Grey 2x2 Paving
keith max road 039
Nautical Star Feature; Garden Landscaping Project These pictures are a good example of our unique work. The Nautical Star feature was built as part of a garden landscaping project.
stuart bebington pics 166
Block Paving Shapes & Cuts It is this kind of care and attention to detail which enabled us to join the Marshalls register and give us the facility of offering a 10 YEAR Gauruntee.
Recessed Manhole; Paving Project in Knowsley The pictures below show a manhole that was replaced as part of a paving project in the Knowsley area of Liverpool. The old manhole was replaced
brian mc nulty job 650
Circular Raised Planted Features Raised planted circular features as part of a garden makeover
Tegula Step Tegula step and driveway
Recessed Manhole in Natural Stone Natural stone patio
Recessed Manhole Cover Perfect cuts attention to detail manhole
Double Tier Steps Double tier steps in the Liverpool area.