6 Low Maintenance Garden Ideas & Tips

We all love making use of our gardens when the British weather permits, but as we live in a more time crunched society, the time to maintain and keep a garden looking lovely seems more and more to be left to retirees and the most obsessive of the green fingered.

So with that in mind, in what is becoming time honoured tradition, we have listed a few quick tips below for creating a low maintenance garden, less time pruning, more time barbequing or relaxing!

  • Low Maintenance garden we designed & created (if you ignore the 5th tip of our article!)

    First up, hedges, they need at least one major clipping and sculpting a year with minor ones also. A nice strong wall or fence do not require a trimming. If you really want a bit of green bordering your garden, consider the compromise of a trellis of some sort.

  • Have less small hanging baskets and instead have a few large ones scattered about. Smaller hanging baskets dry out faster and will need watering more often than fewer large baskets.
  • The lawn will never need mowing if you don’t have a lawn will it? For smaller gardens consider a patio or even just paving or decking  a large chunk of the lawn to cut down on mowing time.
  • But keep in mind not to leave the ground bare if you take the lawn up, weeds will grow faster and longer in bare open ground. So put down gravel, decking, plants to prevent this.
  • If you’re planning a grand landscaping project, be wary of lots of curved borders, these are hard to maintain when mowing or initially paving, leading to an unkempt look in patches.
  • Water features, consider a waterfall instead of a pond. With a waterfall the water is obviously continually moving which will stop stagnation . If safety is an issue, waterfall features are generally much more shallow as well.

We’ve only skimmed the surface of these issues and are happy to go into a lot more detail.

We have dealt with gardens of all shapes, sizes and ambitions.

But if the time you can dedicate to your ambitious design is not enough, it can end up being a disaster.

For more landscaping, decking or paving tips don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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We had our drive way done by moss .amazing job well worth the money .can park two cars on the drive way now .

Amina Ross
March 9, 2014

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