Marshalls Register

Have you struggled with unreliable landscaping companies in the past?

Are you hesitant to purchase new products and services at the risk of being burned yet again by substandard customer service and installation?

Are you looking for a way to know for sure that you are getting the best landscaping products and services available in your region?

If you choose Moss Landscapes, you are guaranteed the peace of mind that comes with every Marshall’s registered company.

Because Moss Landscapes insists on only the very best for our customers, we have partnered with Marshall’s to ensure the quality and safety of every one of our products.

Our employees are well-trained and knowledgeable in guiding customers in the right direction.

Thanks to the partnership between Moss Landscapes and Marshall’s, Moss Landscapes’ employees can point you toward the products and information you need to design and create a unique, safety-tested landscaping project.

When you choose Moss Landscapes you will:

  • Gain the peace of mind that comes with every Marshall’s registered company
  • Work closely with knowledgeable customer service personnel
  • Have a wide selection of products from which to choose
  • Be protected under the Marshall’s  Ten-Year Guarantee

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Superb Attention To Detail!

The Moss Landscapes dedication to quality extends to every project, no matter how small or large.

From simple stone walkways leading to your front door to high-end, expensive commercial projects, we ensure the same high level of quality and attention for every project.

Not only are our products in full view to touch and examine, but our customer service representatives are easily accessible.

With the help of Moss Landscapes, you can find the products that best fit your personality or your company’s vision.

Each project is tailored to fit the customer’s individual tastes and needs and customers will work closely with Moss Landscapes installers and customer service representatives to ensure that the finished product is perfect down to the last detail.

Marshall’s Register: A Quality Guarantee!

Marshall’s was established in the late 1880’s and is the UK’s leading manufacturer of natural stone and innovative concrete hard landscaping products.

It supplies these superior products to the construction, home improvement and landscaping markets across the UK with the intent of making their products as widely available as possible.

Marshall’s provides a wide range of products, design services and technical expertise that can transform any home garden, driveway or public and commercial landscape.

Marshall’s operates its own quarries and manufacturing sites as well as twelve different service centers and fourteen separate offices across the United Kingdom.

In this way, they are easily accessible and able to serve a wide range of businesses and monitor quality assurance of their products and landscaping partners

As a major Public Limited Company (PLC), Marshall’s is committed to quality in every endeavor, including environmental best practice and continual improvements in health and safety.

They provide each employee with detailed training and insist that every employee adhere to these advanced health and safety standards.

In addition to holding them accountable for promoting health and safety within the company, Marshall’s provides numerous employee benefits for their over 3,000-member workforce.

The Marshall’s Registered Installer Advantage!

As a Marshall’s registered installer, Moss Landscapes has the ability to offer all customers the Marshall’s insurance-backed ten-year guarantee.

All of our work is completed through the standards of the Marshall’s Register Installation Procedure, a national register of approved landscape contractors and driveway installers.

We have complete confidence in Marshall’s and their safety-tested products and work tirelessly to ensure that our work meets the high Marshall’s standards because the health and safety of our customers is our first priority.

Our partnership with Marshall’s was not a “one and done” transaction in which we signed a contract to merely put a name to our products.

Moss Landscapes is also regularly vetted by Marshall’s Regional Assessors to ensure that all health and safety procedures are up to company standards.

Our products and procedures are regularly scrutinized, holding us accountable for producing outstanding work.

We take pride in our products and services and we make it our mission to guarantee customer satisfaction.

If an issue arises, it is handled swiftly and efficiently to keep your project running smoothly.

So, if you prefer to do business with an elite, high-quality brand that you know you can trust, turn to Moss Landscapes, a Marshall’s registered installer for all of your landscaping needs.

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