Quick & Inventive Winter Landscaping Tips

With winter well and truly upon us, gardening and landscaping in Liverpool are not something many people consider (Looking at our work schedule, believe me, we know!) but for the green fingered, it can be the perfect time to get creative. Of course, there is the usual maintenance to take care of to reduce the work in the spring, one last lawn mowing, raking the leaves, removing the mulch, you know the score,  but what about the quick, inspirational out of the box things we could do to give a drab winter garden a bit of colour?

One tip we usually recommend are to plant shrubs and trees that grow berries, such as Holly or Crabapples. Not only do they add a splash of colour in all that white and grey, but as the winters get harsher each year, they provide a good food source for robins and other non-migratory birds.

A more obvious but overlooked example would be to fill all your summertime containers window boxes, hanging baskets with plants such as rhododendron as an example.

Evergreens – despite their name, you can plant Dwarf Blue Spruce or Cypress Gold Thread for a bit of Blue and Yellow in thoe garden if masses of green are not really your thing.

Our last quick tip focuses on Hardscapes; yes it’s time to focus on trellis, benches, bird baths et al. You’d be surprised how many people put little or no thought into these in spring and summer as there’s too much work to do on the lawn and plants. With very little plant and lawn work on, now is the best time to give a good long think on how you might want to incorporate these features. The cherry on top being that hardscape features should be much cheaper at this time year, so a bit of bargain hunting can stretch your budget that extra mile!


(Image from http://www.lancswt.org.uk/discovery-center/wildlife-to-see-in-december)

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