Are you looking for a company that provides peace of mind with every patio and driveway installation and landscaping project?

Do you want the assurance of high quality work done right within the constraints of your budget?

Are you looking for a company with commercial groundwork experience and with a personalised touch?

Do you believe it is important for your landscaping and patio and driveway installation company to take their time to ensure that the project is done properly?

If the answer to the above is ‘yes’, we are the solution to all of your groundwork and excavation needs.

We ensure that the proper foundation is laid for all of your landscaping and paving projects to be completed efficiently and in a timely manner.

We strongly believe in the importance of beginning every project with a clean slate so that our landscaping and paving artists can be as creative as possible.

If you choose groundwork and excavations through Moss Landscaping, you will:

  • Work closely with our highly trained professionals to ensure that the work is completed properly and in a timely manner.
  • As always, have the assurance of the Marshall’s 10-Year Guarantee.
  • Have peace of mind knowing that all of our staff, equipment and products carry only the very best liability insurance.
  • Lay the necessary foundation for your next outstanding landscaping project, patio or driveway.

Only The Very Best For Our Customers!

Because Moss Landscapes has been providing superior landscaping services across Liverpool, Wirral, Merseyside, Cheshire & Lancashire since 1986, we are exceedingly experienced in the process of creating unique, high quality products and designs.

We understand that it takes a strong, stable foundation to ensure that new patios, driveways and other structures are sound and durable.

Because we here at Moss Landscapes carry out every driveway and patio installation to meet the strict British standards set by Marshall’s, we can offer our customers long-lasting finished products with unwavering confidence.

Our customers frequently return to us for all of their landscaping and paving needs.

We employ a large number of staff members with vast knowledge regarding all of our products and services.

If you request groundwork and excavation services from Moss Landscapes, members of our staff will work closely with you to ensure that the project is completed to your satisfaction down to the last detail.

They will assist you with planning, design and implementation to make sure that the stage is set to meet your landscaping and/or paving expectations.

Excellent Customer Service As Standard!

If you are familiar with Moss Landscapes, you know that our customers choose us for our exemplary customer service and strict attention to detail.

The excavation and installation of the hardcore foundation is the most important part of any driveway, patio or landscaping project.

Even if you select the best quality surface products available on the market, an ill-prepared foundation will make all of your efforts futile.

It is the foundation that ensures the durability and reliability of your patio, driveway or landscaping project.

Without a proper foundation, the surface products will sustain unnecessary wear and require more maintenance than would normally be necessary.

This Is Why We Can Give A 10 Year Guarantee!

Because we follow strict installation guidelines when carrying out our excavation and installation of hardcore foundations, we are able to provide every one of our customers with the Marshall’s ten-year guarantee.

All of our patios, driveways and landscaping projects are guaranteed to be prefaced with the proper groundwork and excavation to ensure quality and durability.

As always, we are one hundred percent dedicated to providing our customers with only the very best.

This not only applies to the wealth of products that we offer but to our services, staff and quality of work as well.

Trust Us! We Have You Covered!

So, if you are interested in employing Moss Landscapes to install your next patio or driveway or to complete your next landscaping project, you are guaranteed to receive only the very best Liverpool has to offer.

Don’t wait another moment to call us at 0151 521 1565 and schedule a consultation for a free quote.

A member of our well-trained staff will meet with you to examine your property and provide a quote within your budget. If you prefer, you can complete our enquiry form here and a staff member will contact you at your earliest convenience.

  • Established
    in 1984

    30+ years in business with 1000's of happy customers

  • Guaranteed Work

    All our work is guaranteed for 10 years for peace of mind

  • Attention To Detail

    Our relentless attention to detail is what we are known for

  • Marshalls Approved

    All our work is approved by Marshalls accreditors for quality purposes

  • Award-Winning

    We are proud to of been awarded a wide range of industry-awards

  • Trusted by Celebrities

    Famous actors, musicians, athletes and more trust Moss Landscapes

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