Artificial Grass

  • Realistic

    Enjoy a lusciously green synthetic lawn that looks and feels like the real thing all year round, without any of the maintenance.

  • All Weather

    A vibrant and mud-free lawn throughout the year. Come rain or shine, your lawn will be perfect whatever the weather.

  • Cost Effective

    Save money on lawn maintenance, watering and lawnmowers - all of which makes artificial grass a real investment.

  • Low Maintenance

    No mowing, no watering, no mess! Artificial grass takes the hard work out of keeping the perfect lawn.

  • Pet Friendly

    Our grass is designed to be tough, easy to clean and an effective solution to avoid dead patches and staining.

  • Great for Kids

    Forget about insects, mud and allergies. Artificial lawns are robust and always ready to play on.

Installing artificial grass takes the hassle out of keeping your lawn presentable and gives you more time to enjoy your garden.

Artificial lawns offer so many benefits that you’ll wonder why you struggled with your traditional lawn for so long. Made up of a durable blend of plastic polymers, our artificial turfs are toxic-free and offer a like-for-like imitation of the real thing without any of the hard work required to maintain it.

Your artificial lawn will look pristine whatever the weather. Forget about any unsightly patches created by shade or poor drainage, artificial turfs hold their colour and shape regardless of where they’re laid. There’s no need to water, feed or mow an artificial lawn, so you’ll not only be saving time, you’ll also be saving money. No grass also means no more mud, so say goodbye to  muddy knees or paw-prints in your home!

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