Water Features & Ponds

Are you interested in enhancing the ambience surrounding your home or business?

Do you want something that will promote an inviting environment of relaxation?

Would you like to wake up in the morning to the sound of a babbling stream but don’t live near a body of water?

Have you always dreamed of having your own outdoor fountain or decorative pond?

You are in luck!

Moss Landscapes designs and builds a variety of water features and ponds that will enhance any outdoor space.

Our water features can take lawns, gardens and walkways that are already beautiful and transform them into something truly magical.

Spend your downtime relaxing at home and listening to the soothing sounds of flowing water or dress up your business landscape with a magnificent fountain.

If you choose Moss Landscapes to design and build your very own water feature or pond, you will:

  • Turn your ordinary landscaping design into a veritable masterpiece.
  • Work closely with Moss Landscapes staff to ensure that the project is completed to your specifications.
  • Install a low-maintenance, cost-efficient decorative piece on your home or business property.
  • Gain the peace of mind only found with a Marshall’s 10-Year Guarantee.
  • Become the envy of your friends, family, neighbours and business competitors.

Beauty Within A Budget!

Moss Landscapes has been designing and installing high quality landscaping projects, water features and ponds across Liverpool, Wirral, Merseyside, Cheshire & Lancashire since 1986.

We are widely acknowledged across the north-west as one of the best landscaping service providers available today.

Because we hold our work to such high standards, we strive to ensure that each project is completed according to client wishes down to the last detail.

Our customers are often so pleased with our work that they return to complete even more landscaping projects.

We offer an extensive variety of products, designs and projects.

Because of this, we are able to ensure that each water feature installed at home or business is completely unique with a touch of personal flair.

Our water feature and pond specialists will work closely with you to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

Whether it is a man-made stream, a decorative pond or an ornamental fountain, we can help you choose the water feature that is just right for your needs and budget.

Our water feature and pond specialists will also advise you on proper water feature maintenance and basic troubleshooting to ensure that your water feature or pond continues to operate properly and keeps looking like brand new.

Water Features Of Your Dreams!

Moss Landscapes will take your property above and beyond what you have imagined into a place where landscaping dreams are made.

Customers choose us over our competitors because not only do we offer exemplary work but we ensure that a personal touch is added to every design.

Our water features and ponds add an element of beauty to an outdoor area that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

Even the most drab lawn or garden can be drastically improved by the presence of a simple fountain or pond.

The right business can create an inviting atmosphere for their customers by installing a gorgeous man-made waterfall and stream.

The Marshall’s 10 Year Guarantee!

Since we are a long-standing member of the Marshall’s register, all of our products are covered by the Marshall’s ten-year guarantee.

We strive toward excellence and offer our customers only the best quality products to complete their water feature projects.

We are adamant that our customers have peace of mind with every purchase by ensuring the quality and durability of every one of our products.

We want your next water feature installation to be your last one and one that you will enjoy for years to come.

Below are some basic and elaborate examples of our outstanding water feature installations.

As you can see, we go above and beyond to ensure that our water features are not only pleasing to the eyes but also complement the surrounding landscape.

Need A New Water Feature?

If you are intrigued by our various water feature designs and would like to learn more about the products and designs that we offer please call 0151 521 1565.

You will be able to speak directly with a trained member of our staff and schedule a consultation to receive a free quote.

Alternatively, you can provide your contact information on our enquiry form here and a staff member will contact you at your earliest convenience.

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